What are some transfer options from Madrid Barajas to Toledo. My family of 5 people (4 adults + 1 kid) arrives late, thus cannot use the public transportation. I did not find any companies that do non-luxury transfer. Do these exist?

  • Did you try emailing / ringing some local taxi companies?
    – Gagravarr
    Aug 27, 2014 at 5:48
  • Toledo local taxi do not have cars that have > 5 seats. I will check with Spanish taxis also.
    – chupvl
    Aug 27, 2014 at 15:20
  • At what time do you arrive to Madrid? There are trains to Madrid from 6:50 to 21:50 most days, and night shift transport from airport to the city (and the train station). If you are ok to stay a few hours in some place may be it's an option.
    – sanzante
    Oct 9, 2016 at 17:45

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According to Wikitravel, there are at least a couple of options:

  • MadShuttle - from 8.66 Euros per person, and they cater to all sorts of group sizes.
  • EuropeShuttle - from 26 Euros per vehicle, this is arguably cheaper for your large group, if they have a van available to take all of you.
  • There's also the 24 hour shared airport shuttle - from 8.50 Euros per passenger.

Naturally with the first two, you'll want to contact them in advance and confirm that an appropriate vehicle is available.

  • thanks, but all of them starts from 200 for a group of 5. Still more or less ok...but expensive.
    – chupvl
    Sep 11, 2014 at 1:20
  • @chupvl really? That's frustrating given their advertised prices. Could you not split your group for the trip? Would make it a lot easier.
    – Mark Mayo
    Sep 11, 2014 at 2:13
  • Nope, the taxi cost 100 euros.
    – chupvl
    Jan 25, 2015 at 14:40

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