I'm wondering if I buy a Eurail Continuous Global pass but don't mind traveling on slow trains and transferring a lot, I can avoid paying any fees or making any advance registrations...i.e. just "hop on".

I've read that although almost all high-speed and otherwise desirable train services offered by a Eurail pass require an additional fee for seat reservations, but that all regional short-distance trains don't require additional fees.

Here's a Eurail map: http://www.eurail.com/sites/eurail.com/files/documents/eurail_railway_map_2014.pdf Are the RED lines possible to travel using a Eurail pass without additional fees or tickets?

What else might there be additional fees or advance reservation requirements for? Traveling at certain times of day? Traveling high-traffic commuter routes during rush hour?

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    The Eurail web site has a very extensive list of trains, on which you have to pay an additional fee for mandatory reservations (Reservation Guide). There are different rules from country to country. Do you have a specific question not covered by what you can find in this list? – Tor-Einar Jarnbjo Aug 3 '14 at 21:58

Refer to the eurail site itself for all that information - see here for information on reservation on regional trains; in short: there's very little exceptions to the rule that regional trains don't require reservation. Here is a list (by country) of where reservation is needed or optional and what the cost would be.

There's also a feature to avoid trains that require reservation in any search you make on the site - see here for explanation.

Especially in France required reservations are very common - that's why eurail has a page on this very issue and gives alternative routes for some of the most popular routes involving France.

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