During my journey through Norway at the end of August I'll have a 4 hour layover in Oslo. My train arrives on 07:04 at Oslo sentralstasjon and the train departs on 11:01 from the same station. This is on a Tuesday.

I've never been to Oslo before and was wondering if I could do some sightseeing in this short time. I'll probably leave my luggage in the lockers so I'll have more mobility.

I would want to avoid using public transport for more than a few stops as that might result in a delay and missing my train, so preferably the sights should be within 1 hour walking distance of the train station.
Shops/malls and the like are mostly the same across Europe so I am not interested in those.

I am interested in historical sites and buildings that can be found in Oslo. Also a nice quiet vantage point from which I can overlook the city and eat some breakfast would be fantastic, but I'm not sure if that exists.

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    I realise Oslo is a big city, but I'm not asking what to do in Oslo generally (which would deserve a close), but in a limited timeslot early in the day. I'm afraid adding more details (e.g. I'm interested in ancient architecture) would make it too specific. Is there any way I can make this question more suitable for Travel.SE? Commented Jul 29, 2014 at 20:02
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The Royal Palace is easily reachable by foot from the train station - just follow Karl Johans gate ("gate" is Norwegian for "street", not an actual gate).

Aker Brygge is a nice place to watch the harbour.

The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet is also nearby if you're interested.

Akershus Fortress from 1290 and the Viking Ship Museum should fit the "ancient architecture" ticket mentioned above nicely.

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