It's a cardboard box that used to store my desktop computer. So the outside of the box is not plain and has printed pictures and words. I wonder if it's OK to use the box as a piece of checked luggage.


Yes, it's fine, I've shipped this baby as checked luggage multiple times:

enter image description here

They'll just stick the baggage label on the side.

My main concern was damage from baggage handling, getting wet, etc. Tape it shut carefully, and a plastic bag on the inside would not hurt. Ask for a fragile sticker at check-in, and they'll probably make you sign a disclaimer saying it's not the airline's problem if it breaks.

  • Just to add that I might stump up a couple of pounds (dollars / euros ......) to have a box like that shrink wrapped to protect against the elements. I have sat on a plane a number of times and watched my luggage get soaked whilst on the Tarmac waiting to be loaded. Many airports offer the service, but if not you can get a small roll on a cardboard handle from mbe or similar stores. Aug 3 '14 at 12:19

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