I've just moved to Austria visiting my parents/friends and I am wondering could you help me to find the best deal while I am here approx. for 3-4 months?

I want to make just local calls without data transaction, but I want to call other providers as well tethering, www, etc.

I am curious what is the best deal I checked some service provider, but I don't want to pay 50 euros activation cost + the regular taxes(10 euro/moth) for using the phone for 3 moths.

Ps: My question isn't that question duplicate. I just want to call several service provider at the cheapest price for a few month without international call or data transfer.

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This changes a lot, so we can't quote prices as they may be outdated pretty quickly for the next visitor. But one of the best resources for this sort of thing is to look at prepaidwithdata.wikia:

It shows the three major providers there:

and that'd be your best starting point - looking at the sites for those and seeing what the best deal is for you in your situation. Everyone is different in their requirements.

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