A friend and I are both traveling to Tallinn, separately (me by bus from Riga, he the next day by air) and need to arrange to meet somewhere downtown in the tourist area.

I won't have a working cellphone or equivalent so I'd like to propose meet at some landmark that I can't confuse for somewhere else. Hopefully somewhere simple to get to by public transportation from the airport.

Any suggestions?

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    I am not sur if a busy area is the most obvious choice. Why not pick him up at the airport or meet him at the place where you stay?
    – Bernhard
    Jul 18, 2014 at 18:29

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I think a good place is Viru Square (Viru väljak) it's practically attached to the Historic Centre and there are several spots, like the Sokos Hotel Viru or the Viru Keskus shopping mall.

From airport there is the line number 2, bus stop A.Laikmaa, the ticket price is 1.60 €, according to this page


Within Viru Square, I would arrange to meet at the (Viru) Gate, which is the entrance to the Old Town.

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