Is there another place than the station to leave luggage in Gdansk, Poland?

I was in the station, and there were around 10 lockers all full. I am not sure if I was in the right place though. I am not sure I was in the right place and I didn't have oportunity to check again. I will need to leave luggage for one day and I was wondering if either there was another place or even if the station has more lockers that I did not see.


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One option is to go to a hostel and ask them. For example, Hostel Zappio (I believe that's the one I stayed in, but I'm not sure) - it shows online as having luggage storage. Yes, in theory that's for guests staying there, but I've asked shops and hostels/hotels to look after bags for me in the past, and sometimes they've done it for free, sometimes for a small fee. And if it's just a small fee, it may well be worth it for you to try.

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Regarding Gdanks, as I discovered later, there are plenty of luggage lockers. It just happens that I exited through the "wrong" side of the station (via the bus terminal) where they have at most 10 lockers (and they were all full).

Additional information

On the main entrance of the station there are several lockers. It seems to be busy since most of them were full. There are more lockers downstairs though.


There is a luggage storage point in the city centre https://plus.google.com/107594251083173710256/about?gl=pl&hl=pl

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