I am a silver premier member of United. One good thing being a premier member of United is that I can enjoy Economy Plus seating.

I found a ticket issued by Continental, but operated by United. In this case, can I enjoy Economy Plus seating?


I fly Continental pretty frequently, and to my knowledge they don't have anything called "Economy Plus". They do, however, have "Extra legroom" seats (which I believe is essentially the same thing).

United's Elite benefits page states as one of the benefits:

Enjoy legroom with Economy Plus® seats on United and extra legroom/preferred seating on Continental.

(emphasis mine)

With your United status, Continental.com says you can reserve an extra legroom seat during the check-in process (not when you book your ticket) - if those seats are available:

Extra legroom is currently available to our One Pass Elite members, subject to availability. Mileage Plus elite members may also reserve an extra legroom seat, free of charge, during the check-in process. In addition, if it is available on your flight, customers may purchase extra legroom seating anytime during the booking process, post-ticket purchase or during check in.

If you book your ticket after January 1, 2012, you (as a Premier Silver member) will not be able to choose Economy Plus when you book your ticket on the new United, but the option will be available to you at check-in. Beginning in January, you'll have to have Gold or higher status to choose economy plus for free when you book your ticket.

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