We have been told that it is impossible to hire a car in Europe without a credit card. We only have a debit card (with the Visa logo). Is there anyway around this? We are in Norway where you seriously need a car, and we want to go camping.

  • From my experience in most of Europe (well, at least for 3 specific nations which lie scattered from west till far eastern europe) debit cards tend to be the norm more than credit cards, so this seems quite a queer thing@impossible to hire cars without cc's. Jun 18, 2014 at 2:44

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I am a Norwegian, living in Norway. I have hired cars (at Hertz) with both debit and credit cards (all Visa) without any problems.


I would honestly be surprised if it's generally not possible to use debit cards as payment for rental cars in Norway.

At least Avis states clearly in their terms and conditions that when using Visa debit cards, an additional 20% is reserved on top of the rental fee.

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