I'll travel to Egypt (Sharm el Sheik airport and then to Taba) in two weeks. I am looking for a Prepaid Data SIM for VoIP calls? For me, I think, 1GB is enough for 15 days.

I have checked Vodafone and Etisalat but I'm not sure what I need. I mean I know that from there the Regular - Connect 25 is OK with me. How can I get this service, what do I need to buy exactly and where?

Is there a card what I can purchase from a shop without any contract like LIDL or TESCO SIMs in Europe?

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To answer my own question: At Sharm el Sheikh airport you can find a Vodafone kiosk near the exit. The guy who was there was very helpful. For 10 USD I got 1 GB data and some minutes of call within 5 minutes.

All my VoIP apps (Viber, Skype, Internet Call) are working if I have coverage.


Using Mobile Phone or 3G Model will not allow you to have any VoIP call unless you have VPN. I personally can't use Skype on Etisalat or Vodafone for VoIP calls. Whatsapp calls also doesn't work. Egyptian Regulatory confirmed that and another source mention viber

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