This summer I stayed in a hostel in Moscow. The ratings from Hostelworld weren't that bad. I have to admit that I have seen places far worse, but one thing really annoyed me: We booked a room in a 6 bed dorm. We also get our place there, but in reality the dorm was a walk-through room for another 8 bed dorm. So judging from the noise we had a 14 bed dorm instead of a 6 bed dorm. I complained about this, but it wasn't really successful.

So I'm wondering if there is a possibility to judge before booking if a dorm is a walk-through room?

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    Another pet-peeve: when 'rooms' just turn out to be partitions separate by curtains. Oct 24, 2011 at 9:31

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There's little you can do, apart from the obvious, depending how thorough you want to be:

  • Check the photos - see if it shows the dorms and the layout
  • Check the reviews, hopefully you left a review about it, and others may have too.
  • Email them - ask the layout of the room and any other suitable questions.
  • Or even call them - a friendly chat will also let you know their level of English, which can be useful to know in advance.

Don't just check one site, check all the sites that rate hostels:

TripAdvisor lets you review anything, not just hostels, and not only ones you booked through them, unlike the hostel-specific sites. It's easiest to look up each one that looks interesting by name since they mix hostels in with "specialty lodging".

TripAdvisor even lets you email people who did a review and ask them specific questions!

Here's an example for Nova Hostel in Moscow. Look for the links that say "Ask ... about ..."

Ask dizemka about Nova Hostel

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