I will be traveling to Siwa Oasis sometime near the end of 2011. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with great/unique places to stay, or potentially an overnight trip into the desert. Looking for names of places or providers of that type of service.

Also open to other exciting/unique opportunities in this area of travel.

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    Ooh, jealous, one of two places in Egypt that I didn't get to go to while I was there that I really want to see one day :) – Mark Mayo Oct 20 '11 at 7:00

While I haven't been myself, I've done some research so figured I may as well share.

For tours and excursions:

The Siwa Guide - desert safaris, and they describe a sea of sand stretching as far as the eye can see. They have half day, full day and custom trips - which could include camel safaris, or camping under the stars.

Abu-Zahra Bedouin Safaris - promote themselves as more environmentally-focused tourism.

As for accommodation, you haven't really specified budget, medium or high:

For budget - Palm Trees Hotel sounds the most fun and scenic, with "nice garden with trees and fire pit, where the staff will sit at night with guests. Roof terrace with a view of the oasis and Shali" (review on Wikitravel)

For medium - Shali Lodge - sounds pretty smart for good value, and has some exotic local foods on the menu - date omelet, lamb casserole or vegetarian tajin, each flavored with fresh herbs of the oasis.

For deluxe - two amazing and different options - the Adrere Amellal: Desert Ecolodge - with no electricity, the rooms are softly lit with a dozen beeswax candles, and around the corner, the Tamazigh, a smaller hotel, with a spring-fed pool and some rooms made entirely of salt!

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