I'm looking for the name of a monument in Tallinn, Estonia. I visited it this summer and I think it is really interesting for tourists since it has some historical interest and it also looks nice. ;) I would like to recommend it to a friend that is in the region but I need to know the name.

It is located directly on the beach a little bit outside of the town. The monument was built to commemorate a war, but I'm not sure anymore if it is the World War II or the Estonian independence war. Directly next to the monument the Estonian dance festival takes place.

  • It can't be that interesting if you don't remember anything about what it looks like.
    – Stuart F
    Oct 26 at 16:15

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Do you mean the Maarjamäe War Monument on Pirita Beach. This is a World War II memorial.

Maarjamäe War memorial, photo by rudi-k, CC-BY-SA license


Are you talking about this one?

enter image description here

It's called Russalka Memorial.

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