I am flying with Ryanair and have managed to print my outgoing boarding pass, but it says you can't print a return until 8 days before departure. What do you do then?

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    Next time fly with a company who isn't trying to rob you using nonsense clauses of doubtful legal standing.
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    theguardian.com/money/2014/may/19/… sigh.
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You print your boarding pass while at your destination. Make sure you don't forget, otherwise you'd be hit with a €55/£55 fine. Your hotel/hostel should be able to print it out for you. If not, visit the nearest internet cafe.

Also note that Ryanair rarely enforces their rule on non-EU passengers having to print and confirm their boarding pass, so you could also use a mobile boarding pass instead and most likely you'd be fine.


Just use the mobile boarding pass.

I stopped printing boarding passes for ryanair a couple of years ago.

(if you really want the paper one, your hotel will probably be able to print one copy for you)

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