I was born in Taiwan. Since then, I have moved to America, obtained US citizenship, and visited Taiwan occasionally in no particular order.

My question is this. I know that men over 18 have to serve mandatory stint in the Taiwanese army. Since all my past trips to Taiwan when I was younger than 18, now I'm not so sure.

If I go back to Taiwan to visit, with a valid US passport, would I still be prevented from leaving Taiwan due to my old citizenship with Taiwan?

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According to Conscription in Taiwan:

Draftable males classified as Overseas Taiwanese are exempt from the draft provided they do not reside continuously in the Taiwan Area for a) more than four months at a time for those born in 1984 and before or b) more than 183 days in a two-year period.

There is a reference on that quote but it's now a dead link. It seems likely that you would be classified as Overseas Taiwanese because you do not live in Taiwan.

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  • But would he be classified as Overseas Taiwanese (probably meant "Overseas Chinese")? – user102008 May 22 '14 at 9:19

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