I am a student from India heading to the USA. I am transiting through London and have a very long layover (22 hours) at Heathrow. My flight from India arrives at noon at Heathrow, and the flight to USA departs the next day at 10 AM. I plan to spend the night at a hotel outside Heathrow or at my cousin's place.

The UK site says I need a Visitor in Transit visa if I need to leave the airport. But since I hold a valid visa to USA, I may be exempt from that too (mentioned in the same site – "transit without visa concession")


  1. Is the Visitor in Transit visa only applicable for people transiting to another airport within UK or can be used for staying outside/sightseeing also? The UK Visa wizard site says I can get a 'Visitor in Transit' visa for this, but the Visa4UK site says I can't use the 'Visitor in Transit' visa for any other purpose other than transiting to another airport.

  2. What are the chances of being allowed entry to London with a "transit without visa concession"?

  3. Even if I get a visa, is there a chance for my entry to London getting denied?

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  • What kind of US visa do you have? That may make a difference, as there are transit visa exemptions for people going to/from certain countries (including the USA) where they hold a visa for that country – Gagravarr May 15 '14 at 10:12