Is it possible to buy a Navigo Découverte at Orly airport?

My arrival is on Wednesday, May 7th at 22:50. I would like to buy Navigo for zones 1-5 to cover journeys from and to the airport.

Is the office at Orly airport open at that time?

Is the card price the same for adults as for students?

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    If Orly and Versailles are as far out as you'll go, zones 1–4 are enough. Note that the weekly pass runs from Monday to Sunday, not an arbitrary 7-day period. Commented May 5, 2014 at 22:43

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You can buy it from Orlybus at the airport, which runs from 6am until 11.30pm. You can use the ND on the Orly bus service as well.

Prices depend on zones / length of time, but cost the same for everyone.


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