I am considering taking a 3 day stop in Cannes, but the plane I intend to take lands thursday night at 8:40pm in Nice airport.

I have been taking the train from Nice St Augustin to Cannes before, and I remember it is a fair assumption I will be at the train station at 940-10pm the earliest. However, I also remember something about the trains not running that late!

If I land at this time, is it possible to get to Cannes center with train? And if not, what then? Also, I guess a taxi costs my left arm?

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    Honestly you are pessimistic. If you arrive at terminal 1 and have to pick up luggage, count half an hour after landing time to be at the station. From terminal 2 add 15 mins. I think you might need to run a little but you will be able to catch the train. – Vince May 4 '14 at 22:03

During the week, the last train from Nice-St-Augustin to Cannes leaves at 21:45. Given it's a little fiddly to walk to, that probably means if you're not out of the airport by 21:30 consider you've missed it (unless you're confident about the way + running + buying tickets etc)

The other main option is the 200 or 210 bus, run by Lignes D'Azur. You can find the times for that on the Alpes-Maritimes website. The last 210 express bus leaves the airport at 20:00 so you've missed that. However, the 200 has 20:45 and 21:55 departures from the airport (Terminal 1 only though) which should see you there if you just miss the last train.

  • If arriving at terminal 2, taking the T1-T2 shuttle until the stop after terminal 1 saves some time. From T1 it is faster to go straight. – Vince May 4 '14 at 22:00
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    Also if buying a ticket at the machine would make you miss the train, get on it, it is possible to buy a ticket on board (it will cost 4 more euros, but it is cheaper than a cab ride) – Vince May 4 '14 at 22:09

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