I'm from Australia currently on a working holiday visa in Germany. My visa expires on 14th October. I wish to stay until January 2015 if I travel/live visa free for another 90 days.

My question is: If I travel to Greece for 3 weeks in June, will that deduct from the 90 day period I would have after my working holiday runs out?


As you probably know, stays “under a residence permit or a long-stay visa” (including a work holiday visa) do not count toward the 90-day period but it's not entirely clear (to me, at least) if that also includes stays outside of the country that issued the long-stay visa.

But it doesn't matter in this case as there are more than 90 days between your trip outside Germany and your visa-free stay in the Schengen area! You could in principle travel to Greece in June and then stay 90 days in Germany three months later without ever breaking the 90-days-in-any-180-day-period rule even without the long-stay visa. You can verify that with the online calculator.

Additionally, there will be no obvious trace of your trip to Greece (no passport check, no stamp) so even if you stayed too long/later in the year, you might still get away with it.

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