If I planned to fly into either Valencia or Caracas, would a small knife or knives (3"-6" blade) cause concern to someone working in the (Venezuelan) airport, if it were in my checked luggage?

I've tried to read on local jurisdictions, but it seems there was a sweeping attempt to ban the sale and carry of all knives, along with guns and explosives, so I'm left wondering what is actually enforced at the airport.

I do not want to travel somewhere and cause a problem with the locals, or end up in a Venezuelan jail. The knives can be left at home (they are for outdoor/utility use), but I'd like to have them if possible.


The USA border control TSA website says it is fine. Looking at the US State Travel Listing for Venezuela it doesn't mention restrictions on knives in hold luggage.

There is a discussion on this from 2011 at this forum: Carrying knife into Venezuela?

However, looking at how there is a high homicide count in Venezuela and Air Canada suspending all flights (announced March 19, 2014) you may have issues. The safest bet would be not to carry a knife in your hold luggage, but there doesn't seem to be an ban on you carrying it. Just doesn't seem like a wise choice.

Some airlines might have restrictions but I doubt it.

  • I may have answered my own question. Caribbean Airlines makes flights to Venezuela, and specifically allows a dive knives in checked luggage, which is traditionally a large, fixed-blade knife. Combined with the forum post you provided, I think everything will be fine, save for a possible corrupt/belligerent airline official, solider, police officer, etc. Of course, I have yet to try it, so anyone researching using this question should take all this with a grain of salt. Thank you! – 09823lsdx Apr 28 '14 at 18:32

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