I'm trying to work out what the best ticketing option will be for occasional uses of public transport in Lille. Say, 3-4 trips a week for several weeks, mostly within the centre of the city, mixture of buses and metro.

I know that in some cities (eg London or Brisbane) you can get a card which you load with money, then use on a pay-as-you-go basis as you travel. I know that other cities (eg Hong Kong) you can get a card you load with money that works for both public transport and small purchases. There are some cities where you can buy either a multi-use ticket or a booklet of single tickets at a discount, which can be used over time. There are some cities which sadly offer no sort of discount for occasional use.

So, for Lille, what's the best / available ticket option, for occasional public transport use?

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In Lille, the trip count paradigm is used.

According to this : Transpole

  • Single trip €1.50
  • 10 trips €12.50
  • Short trip €0.80 (3 stops max, on subway and light rail only)
  • Day pass €4
  • 2-day pass €7.50
  • 3-day pass €9.50
  • After 7pm evening pass €2

All fares allow transfers. Single trip and each trip out of the 10-trip package do not allow returns on the same trip.

Note : Lille has switched to contactless tickets even for single trips. There is a €0.20 fee for getting the ticket in addition to the fare; the ticket can then be reloaded 9 times with the same type of fare only; the €0.20 are credited back at the 5th reloading. One reloading is counted each time a single purchase process is completed at the machine, even if several tickets are bought during the purchase process.

You can also get a contactless smart card for €2 and load it the same way.

Special "Braderie" weekend pass €5 (if it is for the "braderie" that takes place in September)

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