I have been looking on the internet for a solution to my problem. I had a flight delay of over 6 hours at Paris CDG, and for my complaint form I need to know the exact departure time of my flight, but I do not remember exactly.

Is there a website where I can know that?

For example: Flight AF0422 the 4th March 2014.

Thanks a lot! I hope this is the place to ask this kinds of questions, if it isn't forgive me and would be grateful for suggestions of where to find the info.


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They only have times a few weeks back unless you pay but March 4th is definitely still available for free


As this is not so long ago, you can look it up on flightaware:


For your flight that would mean that is was scheduled at 10:40 but left at 11:07.

Are you sure it was the 4th and not the 5th? Because it arrived late by 6 hours on the 5th (you can see that from the table)

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