Im living over seas and basically keep a spreadsheet of various assets, stocks, savings, and investments in both countries.

Does anyone have any best practice advice for managing things. Just looking for something a little easier to manage with all the currencies and stuff.

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The beauty of the Internet is such that your location is basically irrelevant when it comes to looking at things. Actually taking action is a little bit harder - but not impossibly so. As such, I would suggest:

  • Use Mint for overall asset tracking.
  • Use an online bank in your home country, and remain subject to them. If you are from the United States, for example, keeping your home bank account is the simplest - and use ATMs to withdraw cash only when needed.
  • Use a credit card that minimizes foreign transaction fees and has good exchange rates.

The general idea is that you don't want to convert currencies unless needed. If you want to see your USD balance in Rupees or Rubles, by all means, but consider your stashes in two separate piles. If you have local currency assets, think of them in the local currency. If you want to convert back to the home currency, choose a good time to do it, and leave it there. But the two currencies really are separate buckets, and shouldn't be confused unless you really need to.

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