In September I will be travelling to Iceland, and renting a car there to make a trip around most of the country. One of the main activities will be hiking, and I am looking to do one hiking trip that takes around 4 days to complete (walking around 15-20 km per day). I have been looking up quite some trails, but all of them seem to go from point A to point B, whereas I would like to return at point A, so that I'll end up where I left my car. I am absolutely not keen on relying on public transport or hitch-hiking to get back where my car is.

Do you know of any hiking trails that are suitable for this? So far I am having no luck.


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It seems that most documented Icelandic hikes are one way because of the ring road - you'll end up somewhere else on the main road after four days walk.

This hiking map looks like it would give some roll-your-own circular routes if you're interested in the well-pathed areas like the south.

Your best bet will probably be to contact the Icelandic Touring Association (who maintain their own hiking list) or Nordic Adventure Travel (who maintain similar maps of hikes).

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