I'm planning on driving with my family (2 adults, 2 kids - 8 & 6yrs) from Toronto to Boston in August taking up to 2 days. Since we are not in a huge rush, we would like to visit some places along the way that the kids might be interested in - probably parks/museums/attractions etc.

Off the top of my head looking at the map Niagara Falls seems like a prime contender, but having never driven this route before I those with better knowledge and experience may have better ideas of alternative.

As far a a route goes, I can obviously get one from Google Maps, but vacation planning by algorithm will probably not produce be the most interesting of times, which is where this site and it's dedicated and knowledgeable users comes in. It's not always the most direct route which takes one to the most interesting places.

What is the best route that we should take and where should we stop on the way - you know, for the kids?

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    I would say it needs more precision. Between Toronto and Boston there are museums, parks worth visiting for at least a week maybe a month. What do you expect to find: historical, natural, any museum? there are also parks with mountains, but probably you can take a detour to the lake or ocean side. – Vince Mar 4 '14 at 14:47
  • If you get off the Thruway, you can find wineries, sailing/boating, NASCAR, the Corning Museum of Glass, prim college campuses, waterfalls, and so on— but a side trip into the Finger Lakes would add at least two or three hours of driving time, and there are a dozen different routes to take. It's still too broad to be answerable in a few paragraphs of text. I suggest consulting a guidebook first to see recommended routes and help narrow down your choices. – choster Mar 4 '14 at 15:30