I have nothing but fond memories of the children show Sesame Street, and I know that it's filmed somewhere in New York. Is there a way to visit the actual set? As part of a guided tour would be ideal, but not necessary.

  • When I was about 7 years old (1987), I was delighted to visit Central Park, where part of the opening sequence of Sesame Street was filmed, in which Big Bird (and others?) were shown on roller skates. The opening sequence has since changed (likely countless times), so it probably wouldn't have the same effect on modern audiences. :)
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    Feb 1 '14 at 2:58
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    I saw this in the related bar from another stack exchange site. I thought it was a joke - Apparently not!
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    Feb 1 '14 at 13:05
  • I think Sesame Street differs a lot per country.
    – gerrit
    Feb 1 '14 at 16:49
  • I don't think Big Bird lives here, but... goo.gl/maps/kxtppG9XLh6pHiEXA Apr 17 '21 at 14:49

Sesame Street is currently filmed at the Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, which does not offer public tours (though the Museum of the Moving Image is open to the public and located on the campus). According to the Sesame Workshop FAQ,

Sesame Street is not filmed in front of a live studio audience and the set is not able to accommodate guests.

There is a Sesame Street theme park called Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, about midway between Philadelphia and New York (near Trenton, New Jersey), owned and operated by Sea World.

Now, that is only for the original American version of Sesame Street. There are many different versions internationally, and some of those filming locations may allow visitors.

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    Sesame Place is specifically a water park. Even for the most massive of nostalgia buffs, I suspect it has very little appeal unless you're accompanying small children. Jan 31 '14 at 17:24
  • @LessPop_MoreFizz Exactly. ;)
    – Karlson
    Jan 31 '14 at 17:32
  • @LessPop_MoreFizz - Plus it is unbelievably expensive without discount or coupons.
    – wbogacz
    Jan 31 '14 at 17:44
  • I have been to Sesame Place recently and it does not have much appeal for me as a nostalgic lover of Sesame Street. My kid liked it though. Apr 19 '21 at 13:49

Sesame Street is filmed at Kaufman-Astoria Studios in Queens. The studio isn't generally open to the public, so unless you know somebody or are involved in a production I wouldn't count on a tour.

However, I'd highly recommend a trip to the nearby Museum of the Moving Image, which houses a number of Sesame Street artifacts, regular Jim Henson/Muppet film screenings, and later this year, will be opening a new permanent gallery space devoted exclusively to the work of Jim Henson, The Muppets, and Sesame Street.

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