I accidentally forgot to change the Nationality on my Air Asia booking, so this in turn will be different to my passport nationality. Does anyone know how I can fix it please? I'm really desperate as we fly out on Friday.

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AirAsia has a "Manage my booking" option on their website. I don't have an active booking with them so I can't tell if you can adjust this detail, but the website does say you can "update traveller details".

If that fails, you'll need to call their call center. Last time I had to do that, it took quite some time to get through so it is a good idea to call right as the call center opens for the day (I mean literally to the second, as they open) if you can manage it.

  • Note that AirAsia no longer has a call center. You can only chat with a bot and hope you reach some path that connects you to an agent.
    – fregante
    Commented Oct 20, 2022 at 6:33

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