I am going to be travelling into Paris. I land in CDG but am not sure of how to get to Paris (Gare du Nord). I am planning to buy a Navigo Decouverte with zones 1-2 loaded on. I also am travelling to Versailles and back. I have heard about Complement de Parcours and have seen that they give discounts on tickets. I am travelling in a group of four (me included) and I was wondering if I am better off getting the ND with zones 1-2 or zones 1-5?

What is the cheaper option, a Navigo Découverte zone 1-2 plus a complément de parcours to Versailles, or a Navigo Découverte zone 1-5?

  • Do you want to consider the trip from the airport as well? Will you fly out of CDG or only land there? How long are you staying? I provided an answer for Versailles assuming you would buy a Navigo for a week and some links that might help you figure out other scenarios but airport fares seem more complicated. In particular, I think complément de parcours is not possible on buses so you would need to pay the full fare on RoissyBus.
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  • Thread on the trip from the airport on another site: tripadvisor.com/…
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To go to Versailles-Château-Rive-Gauche from the center, you only need zones 1-4. A Navigo semaine for zones 1-4 is 32 € or 11.60 € more than a zones 1-2 pass. According to the map on Wikipedia, the last station in zone 2 on RER C trains to Versailles is Issy-Val-de-Seine.

A “origine-destination” ticket from this station to the Château costs 1.80 € and this should also be the price of a “complément de parcours” if you have a Navigo for zones 1-2. A round trip would therefore cost you 3.60 €. Even twice the full fare from the center (3.35 € times two so 6.70 €) is still under the difference between the Navigo semaine zones 1-2 and 1-4 prices.

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