I want to book a bus ticket on line from Asuncion Paraguay to Resistencia Argentina - is there a web site with English to do so

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Sort of. If you use the multipurpose RometoRio site to search for routes between those two cities, you can see that there's a bus that takes 3 hours, with a link to sol del paraguay to buy it.

However, it is in Spanish. If you have Google Chrome, however, there's usually a popup 'translate this page' option which will try and convert it into English onthe fly for you. If not, give it a try - there's not that many boxes and it's reasonably clear often what it is.

Some hints: Origen = Origin, Destino = destination, Ida = date, Regreso = return. Busar = search. If you get stuck, you can use Google Translate to help too!

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