For example, if we have a flight with a code SU0102, does it always goes from Sheremetyevo to John F. Kennedy or the origin and destination points can change for this flight? The same about schedule: does a flight SU0102 always leave at 15:40 and arrives at 17:10 or the hours can change?

In short words, can the schedule, origin and destination change for a flight with a certain number and if so is it frequent?

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    You are developing a flight related app? hehe ;) – Ivan Dec 30 '13 at 12:31
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    With all the mergers and codeshares, flight numbers have shifted around quite a bit on the Big 3 US carriers recently. On top of this there are not enough four-digit flight numbers to go around now (and it would be a monumental effort to update the software to use five digits, or allow letters), so we have increasingly compressed ranges— I see the same flight number on both the outbound and the return legs even on some mainline flights these days, e.g. AA362. – choster Dec 30 '13 at 17:31

There is nothing anywhere to say that the airline won't change the flight number or reuse the same flight number to connect different destinations.

Case in point: United flight 237 contains 2 different segments flown by 2 different aircraft today so in essence you can look at it as 2 different flights.

On occasion airlines change flight numbers for the same destinations due to various conditions most notable one is an accident for example Moscow - Hong Kong is now flight SU212 but it didn't used to be and so on.

Just about the only thing that you can expect is that flight number for a regularly scheduled flight will change sufficiently enough in advance of bookings/reservations so that airline doesn't have to notify clients of the change midstream.

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