I was in Germany last September, my visa said I had 14 days to stay in the Schengen area.

When I was leaving back for Egypt the passport control officer noticed that I was leaving on the 15th day. I didn't even realise that as I had written previously in my visa application that I was staying for 15 days and the embassy in Cairo had my complete airline ticket with specific dates.

Anyway the officer just filed a report on the incident but didn't stamp my passport with my exit date from the Schengen area.

Do any of you guys know if that would make it harder for me to be granted a visa in the future?

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    One interpretation is that the officer gave you a break. Dec 29 '13 at 13:09

You're not going to get a definitive answer on this, because the official guidelines on this are not public. That said...

You're probably OK. Your overstay was recorded, but you were not fined, banned or deported, so it's not a huge black mark on your record.

However, your overstay will most likely show up when they examine your previous visas, so you should attach a letter with your next visa application explaining in simple terms what happened: you applied for 15 days to match flight dates, visa was only granted for 14, but you did not notice.

Good luck!

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