The Noumea Tontouta airport website has a map of the main floor on their site, which just has an arrow pointing into the distance for hire cars. On the overall airport plan there doesn't seem to be any hire car areas marked.

Map of the airport from www.tontouta-aeroport.nc

Where are the hire cars in relation to the airport terminal? Short walk? Long walk? Shuttle bus ride?

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From one of the rental companies:

The car hire service facility is located just metres away from the main terminal entrance of Noumea la tontouta intairport.

With Google Maps, you can see there are only a couple of car park areas at the airport, and both are within 500m of anywhere at the airport.

So the answer, I believe, would be "a short walk at most".

  • +1, rented a car here recently and the rental car shops (booths, really) are immediately outside the terminal on the right side, signposted Location des voitures. Jul 5, 2017 at 10:04

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