I would like to rent a car in Yerevan airport, drive it through Armenia, go to Georgia and leave the car in Tbilisi.

Are there any companies who offer that kind of service?

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Hertz does, although I haven't tried myself. You can check Hertz's Armenian website (in English), where you'll also get the price and be able to book this exact service.

Hertz's Terms and Conditions even has a special section on renting in One Direction specifically for Georgia.


From my experience I will like to advise you NANIKO car rental in Armenia. You can rent a car in Yerevan and leave it in Tbilisi. Also as I compared early (5 month ago) NANIKO was cheapest, so highly recommended.


I used the service of the Armenian car rental company: http://caravan.am/

I paid them to bring a Lada Niva to Tbilisi. From where I would drive in Georgia and Armenia. At the end I brought the car back to their office in Yerevan.

They provided me with the required car documents to cross the border myself from Georgia to Armenia.

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