The last RER train from Aeroport Charles-de-Gaulle leaves at 23h48. Then there're night buses (Noctilien) leaving twice an hour to Gare du Nord. I was able to find that on the website http://www.ratp.fr .

However, I didn't find which ticket (and at which price) I need for that. So that's basically my question. As well, if there are other reasonable options for getting downtown, they would be interesting for me as well of course.

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This (and here) states that the ticket price for the Noctilien is 7,60 € and that you can buy directly on board. Note that this is the equivalent of 4 T+ tickets, so if you're planning on moving around a lot in Paris, you could just buy a carnet of 10 directly (27% cheaper), though I'm not sure whether you can buy them directly in the airport - that's probably worth a separate question.

  • The first link is perfect, thanks! I would only add: The prices of tickets in Paris increase from time to time (so it might be more than €7.6 in some time), but it seems that the "equivalent of 4 t+" is a stable thing, no matter the price.
    – yo'
    Commented Nov 1, 2013 at 11:49

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