I have single entry tourist visa for Canada. My visa is valid till 20th Dec 2013 but I am travelling to Mumbai from Toronto on oct. end via Munich (Germany). I am an Indian passport holder. Do I need transit visa for germany? I will fly with Air Canada.


No, you do not need a visa for going from Canada to India via Munich airport (or vice versa), as long as you stay in the transit area and have a connection in less than 12 hours. Lufthansa, emphasis mine:

  1. Indian nationals can Transit without Visa via FRA or MUC if holding a valid visa for the destination and a valid Visa for any of the following countries:

Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Romania, UK and USA (the approval notice I-797 is not valid document for visa free airport transit).

The site of the German Consulate in Kolkata confirms this as well.

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