I have a 38 inch tall foldable chair - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00339C3RI
which doesn't fit in my luggage.

I am traveling by Singapore Airlines, and while their Baggage allowance section (http://www.singaporeair.com/jsp/cms/en_UK/travel_information/baggage-allowance.jsp) talks about wheelchairs & sports equipment. I can't seem to find much on transporting a regular oversized piece of luggage.

What would be the cheapest/best option to transport it in airline baggage? Is there any other option?

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    Personally I'd ship it or just buy one at the destination. – Karlson Sep 12 '13 at 11:42

I see no reason they will not handle it as normal checked baggage -- of course if you're travelling to the US you'll be limited to two pieces of checked baggage, if not you'll be limited by weight. Here's the Singapore Airlines baggage page (which you've probably already seen).

Assuming you're flying from/to the US and taking only one other suitcase I would think you're under the size limit:

Dimensions (Economy)

Sum of length, width, height of i) each piece not exceeding 158cm (62in) and ii) two pieces not exceeding 273cm (107in)

So as long as your suitcase is less than 69in in it's longest direction I think you're fine. Check the total weight as well.

You will have to collect it from a special conveyor, probably.

Alternatively, phone the airline's customer services on use the online forms from this page.

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