I am having a discussion about travel in the UK with some friends and I believe that in the town of Bath buildings use the same power outlets as Europe and not the UK for some reason. Can someone confirm this please and maybe give an explanation why?


Bath, like the rest of Britain, uses standard British plugs with three rectangular prongs, known to a few as BS 1363.

BS 1363 plug BS 1363 socket

If you've heard somewhere about Britain having different plugs in Bath, you (or whoever told you that) may have misheard: Britain uses different plugs in bathrooms. British electrical safety regulations are very tight, and normal outlets are not allowed anywhere near water. In a bathroom, you can only put BS 4573 shaver sockets. These sockets accept European, Australian, and sometimes (if a transformer for 115V is included) US plugs.

BS 4573 plug UK shaver socket

Electric razors and toothbrushes (but not hairdryers) sold in the UK have European two-pronged plugs. They fit in British shaver outlets and in European outlets, but not in the other outlets in a British house.

  • Note that UK shaver plugs look similar to Europlugs at a glance, but they are not the same. Most UK shaver sockets will accept Europlugs but UK shaver plugs will not normally fit in European sockets. – Peter Green Jun 21 '19 at 20:31

As they sometimes say in those parts, "pull the other one, it's got bells on it"...

Wiring regulations in the UK are produced by the IET (formerly the IEE), as part of BS 7671:2008(2011). They're the same across the whole country, and quite a few other countries copy them too.

Some international focused places may additionally offer continental or US style plugs as well (eg high end hotels), but everywhere will have standard UK 3 pin plug sockets.

Cornwall, other other hand... ;-)


Bath, UK uses the same plug as the rest of the UK.

That's really all there is to say...

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