I am an Indian citizen living in the US (California) on H1B Visa. I plan to go to Australia and New Zealand for tourism. I have 2 questions -

  1. Do I need a separate tourist visa for both countries?
  2. What is the process to get visas for these countries?

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1) Yes, you will need separate tourist visas for each country.

2) For NZ:

  • You are not travelling on a passport from a visa waiver country, so you will need a visitor's visa
  • This link has the process for applying for a visa.
  • From step 4, it would seem that you should apply to the LA branch of the New Zealand Visa Application Centre.
  • Cost is US$140 + $37

For Aus:

  • Similarly for Australia, you do not meet the requirements for an eVisitor visa
  • The process for applying for a tourist visa is here
  • You will need to lodge your form(s) to the Australian embassy in Washington. Check this page
  • Cost is estimated at US$130
  • in case you are not traveling alone, applying for a "group visa" for NZ will result in substantial financial savings. a group can be that of friends or colleagues not just family. Mar 26, 2017 at 15:37

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