We travel with my wife to Paris and I bought 2 Orly airport tickets with the IDF app to my Smartphone. I planned to buy the Navigo Easy card at our arrival in Paris and wanted to upload the Orly tickets onto the 2 Navigo cards. Apparently, this is bot possible, as one can only buy a ticket directly either to Smartphone or to the Navigo. Is that correct? or there is a way to transfer from my account the 2 tickets on 2 different Navigo cards?

My wifes phone supports NFC, so I tought, alternatively she can login to my account from her phone if she Downloads the app. So we can use simultanously both phones but one Account (mine) to travel. Is this going to work? Thanks for your hintss. Marcell

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No, it's not possible to transfer the tickets stored on your phone to a Navigo card.

There are operating system-dependent mechanisms to restore your tickets if you changed phones within the same brand, but I doubt it will keep working on both yours and your wife's in parallel (provided you have the same brand). The tickets seem to be stored on the device itself, not with the provider on a server. The restore operation is a transfer, not a duplication.

Maybe you can go to a RATP desk and explain your problem, but expect some kind of "it's the system, not me" response ;)

  • Thank you for your answer. What do you mean with provided you have the same brand? She got a samsung and I a xiaomi. If we try to enter, will the system block the 2nd one who wanna pass the gate at the airport train station? Obviously, it will be difficult to discuss at the airport, and I ex0ect the same answer you mentioned. I wanted to buy it for the complete family, we are travelling 5 of us, but in this case this is not possible, very disappointing. Could I save the 2nd ticket somehow with this restore? If I claim I changed my phone? What is the ticket validity, do you know that? Thanks! Commented Jun 24 at 9:09
  • Yes sorry, I wrote same brand because I was thinking of Apple <-> Apple but it's really same OS (Android or iOS). Regardless, it's not relevant because I don't think you can transfer only one ticket that way. Commented Jun 24 at 9:44
  • I didn't realize it at first but your question stems from the fact that you cannot use the same phone for multiple tickets, right? Maybe you should then edit the Q to reflect it. Commented Jun 24 at 9:47
  • I don't know the ticket validity but it's probably mentioned somewhere in the apps or on their website. Commented Jun 24 at 9:47
  • If we try to enter, will the system block the 2nd one who wanna pass the gate at the airport train station? -> long story short, you won't even be able to have the tickets on the 2 phones at the same time, so this will not happen. Commented Jun 24 at 9:50

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