I signed up for World Nomads, a popular travel insurance. I noticed the fine print regarding lost goods states that "Items over $150 must be accompanied by original receipts.". But I've also heard elsewhere that you might be able to get by other ways to prove ownership: e.g. photo with you in it, credit card statement, manuals/box, etc... Original receipts are often not saved or never had if you purchased something used. Do "World Nomads" and other insurance companies absolutely require original receipts or can other proofs of purchases be used? If not, what are some things you can do to prove ownership and furthermore, ensure coverage for the amount you paid for your belongings (and not the appraised value)?

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    I've used WorldNomads with a photo and serial number before for an electronic item that was damaged. No problem whatsoever.
    – Mark Mayo
    Jul 18, 2013 at 0:30

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I have twice successfully claimed for items that I did not have any proof of purchase at all, so you should be ok with any sort of evidence that you purchased the item. Once was for an MP3 player ($200). The other time was for a phone ($400), but I had a letter from the service provider saying that I had reported it stolen and that it was blocked.

I think it really just depends on a case by case basis. Obviously, the more expensive the item, or the less believable that you would be travelling with it, the more evidence they may look for.

Ever since I had something stolen abroad I now just lay out my travel belongings before I pack them and take a picture of the whole lot. For electronics I take note of serial numbers as well. At least this way I'll always have at least some record that I owned and was travelling with the item.

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