We'll be going at Club Med Charlevoix in Québec/Canada soon, and I'm wondering what should we tip.

Club Med Charlevoix is an all-inclusive, and some review sites boast that you can leave your wallet at your room, however

  • being used to travel in Québec (in non all-inclusive hotels)
    • we usually leave tip for the folks taking care of the room when we leave
    • we tip room service when we order
  • having been in all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, not Club Med)
    • we tip folks serving us when we leave our table
    • we tip folks serving us when we get a drink at the bar
    • we leave tip for folks doing the room every day
    • we tipped the luggage person who brought the luggage to our room
    • etc.

So, since it's our first time going to 1) a Club Med and 2) an all-inclusive in Québec/Canada, I'm not sure what's the un-written/ethical policy regarding tip there.

  • As far as I know, the only place where people would get offended by tiping is Japan. Even if tiping is not common people wouldn't mind being tipped, so when in doubt you can leave a tip.
    – André
    Commented May 20 at 10:58


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