Is it possible? Have you done it? There seem to be ferries from Italy and France to Tunis (Marseille, Genova, Roma, Salerno, Palermo). How are the connecting trains from Germany to these places? How long does the journey take in total? How is the procedure upon arrival in Tunis?

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    You should probably also take the tour, if you haven't done that already
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    See Rome2Rio which shows ferries from Marseilles, Milan, Rome and Palermo. Commented May 13 at 16:52
  • Maybe focus on the last question, ferry embarkation/disembarkation, port accessibility, etc.? It seems you already mostly found the list of potential ferries, train connections can be looked up everywhere including bahn.de and are not really a good question for this site.
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We're not a travel agency, here. But, yes, it is possible. Easy, even.

Taking Berlin as a starting point, you could do...

  1. Berlin to Munich by train.
  2. Munich to Milan by bus.
  3. Milan to Rome by train.
  4. Rome to Civitavecchia by train.
  5. Civitavecchia to Tunis by ferry.

I've done each of these legs at different times in my life.

Not affiliated, but Rome2Rio now can show you nicely segmented journeys. Spend 5 minutes, and you'll learn all you need to know.

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