I'm a US citizen traveling from Charlotte (CLT) to Dallas (DFW) to Incheon Seoul (ICN); my destination is Bali (DPS). I'll have to pick up my bags at ICN and recheck it on the new airline to DPS; my layover in ICN is less than 24 hours. Will I need a visa?


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US citizens are visa-free in Korea. And currently they don't require the K-ETA either. That might restart in 2025.

  • I wasn't sure if by collecting my luggage and rechecking it if that was considered exiting the transit area. Thank you!
    – Stan
    Commented May 5 at 2:13
  • It is, indeed. You are entering Korea, briefly, and exiting it shortly thereafter.
    – dda
    Commented May 5 at 3:01

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