I am a South African citizen currently in the UK on an ancestral visa. Since I am not intending to return to my home country I allowed my passport to lapse (but I still have it). Last week I travelled to London and upon returning home, realised that I had lost my BRP (which I carry with me at all times) while in the capital. I went to apply for a replacement via the gov.uk website but it does not allow me to do so with an expired passport, what can I do?

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    Renewing your SA passport sounds like a good start...
    – dda
    Apr 22 at 8:56
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    You will need a valid passport either way, do it ASAP Apr 22 at 10:21
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    Don't you ever plan on traveling outside the UK? If applying for a new passport is a hassle, surely that is an argument in favor of doing it now, rather than on short notice if you need it to travel somewhere. Apr 23 at 7:30
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    For those who (like me) are not familiar with the term, BRP stands for Biometric Residence Permit. Apr 23 at 9:49
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    Thanks, @JanusBahsJacquet, I presumed the "B" was for "British". I do appreciate the clarification.
    – FreeMan
    Apr 23 at 12:12

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You may actually be able to skip applying for a new BRP due to the implementation of the new eVisa system. If you have your lost BRP details you may be able to use those to create a UKVI account and transfer your status to digital. However, if you want to travel before the end of the year, since you are a visa national, you'll need to renew your passport and get a new BRP.

By law, you must report your BRP as lost within 3 months of losing it (even if you cannot apply for a replacement due to not having a valid passport)


Renew your passport. Then apply for replacement.

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