Can an unmarried heterosexual couple share the same room in Doha?

I have found no mention of such restriction in government related travel advice site, only warning about avoid public display of affection, but other sites claim that some hotel can flat out refuse checking in unless they see valid proof of marriage, or that the entire trip can become far less pleasant if the unmarried status becomes known.

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Technically unmarried couples are not allowed to stay in the same room but I think this is restricted to Qatari nationals. Anecdotally it's certainly not enforced for foreigners and some hotel specifically mention that it is allowed. (e.g. https://movenpick.accor.com/en/middle-east/qatar/doha/hotel-doha/faqs.html).

There is also anecdotal evidence that even same-sex couples are allowed (https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/qatar-airways-privilege-club/2111215-doh-8hrs-layover-unmarried-couple-marriage-certificate-needed-hotel.html)

I've certainly never been asked for proof of marriage at check in but then again, we are married and have the same last name.

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    I think that the same name is key. I once shared a room in Egypt with a woman I was traveling with (and we were simply traveling and not in any relationship), and it took some convincing of the staff at a hotel that we were related because of a lack of same last name. We settled on that we were siblings.
    – Peter M
    Apr 14 at 21:12
  • Not sure how relevant that is but Movenpick is a Swiss company. So I would assume they will enforce the local law but otherwise are probably not too keep to impose restrictions of local moral standards.
    – quarague
    Apr 15 at 7:42
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    I must say that Movenpick's answer on that topic in the FAQ you linked to is peculiar to say the least. The FAQ question: "Do couples staying in the same room at Mövenpick Hotel West Bay Doha require a marriage certificate?". The answer: "Mövenpick Hotel Doha is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi area." (at least this is what I see on 2024-04-15) (this is the same answer as the next one - this time about pools and such). EDIT: I took a screenshot just in case: imgur.com/a/FzEepAb :)
    – WoJ
    Apr 15 at 13:47
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    @WoJ Any hotel that has a swimming pool and jacuzzi area clearly allows couples to stay in the same room. Duh.
    – Yakk
    Apr 15 at 14:43
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    @WoJ: Check the question "If I am travelling with my girlfriend to Mövenpick Hotel Doha, will we be able to stay in the same room?" the answer that I'm seeing is "Yes, unmarried couples are permitted to stay in the same room at Mövenpick Hotel Doha as long as they do not belong to the Qatari Nationality."
    – Hilmar
    Apr 15 at 22:10

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