I am planning a trip to South Korea the first two weeks of June and I have a little concern. My Italian passport will expire in August (1.5 month after).

Normally when finalizing the trip I am normally asked for a "valid passport" so I think I will be fine.

But just to double-check is it fine to travel when the passport expiration date is due to?


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TIMATIC (a travel document database) states

Passports and other documents accepted for entry must be valid on arrival.

TravelDoc (another competing database) does indicate the same as TIMATIC


For Italian passport holders visiting South Korea, it is necessary for the passport to be valid for six months beyond the intended stay period as indicated here https://embassies.net/south-korea-visa-for-italy-citizens#:~:text=South%20Korea%20tourist%20visa%20requirements,intended%20stay%20in%20South%20Korea

  • @user8469759 you should be all good to go since your passport will still be valid for over 6 months past your trip dates in June. They just want at least that buffer period. Commented Apr 18 at 3:24

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