Trying to track down more information about rumours of a new direct flight between the UK and Cuba (Manchester >Holguin), which is supposedly to be operated by Spanish company Euro Airlines (EA).

I can find the inaugural flight on search aggregator sites like Alternative Airlines and Skyscanner but nothing at all on EA’s website.

I’ve never encountered this situation before. Can anyone explain what’s going on?

  • EA looks to be nothing more than a GDS provider/travel agency consulting firm, the only mention of an airline is through general aviation charter business. I doubt it is actually a commercial airline or a charter airline. Mar 26 at 19:07
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    It's really weird, because IATA says their code is Q4 (not a controlled duplicate), but other sources say Q4 is Starlink Aviation (small airline operating very small aircraft in Canada) or even Swazi Express Airways (defunct). FR24 has a weird mix of both...
    – jcaron
    Mar 27 at 12:48

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I found another page on their website that discusses these flights:

Actualmente, la compañía ofrece vuelos entre Madrid y Santiago de Cuba – La Habana todos los martes hasta el 24 de octubre. Además, la operación de retorno, hasta del 26 de abril, se operará todos los martes, mientras que desde el 4 de mayo se operará los jueves.

From google translate:

Currently, the company offers flights between Madrid and Santiago de Cuba – Havana every Tuesday until October 24. In addition, the return operation, until April 26, will be operated every Tuesday, while from May 4 it will be operated on Thursdays.

And also:

Igualmente, la compañía ofrecerá vuelos entre La Habana y Barcelona desde el 29 de junio todos los jueves, con frecuencia de ida y vuelta. Cubana de aviación se une a la red de aerolíneas que comercializa la plataforma Eurodistribution en más de 60 mercados a través de su placa Iata Q4-291. Las agencias de viajes iata pueden emitir a través de los principales GDS: Amadeus, Sabre y Travelport.


Likewise, the company will offer flights between Havana and Barcelona from June 29 every Thursday, with round trip frequency. Cubana de aviation joins the network of airlines that sells the Eurodistribution platform in more than 60 markets through its Iata Q4-291 plate. Iata travel agencies can issue through the main GDSs: Amadeus, Saber and Travelport.

From reading that and more, it looks like that they are code sharing with Cubana

  • Ah, that makes sense, the Iberojet Madrid>Santiago route was axed due to low profitability but Thomas Cook and Condor used to fly direct from Manchester to Holguin so maybe it’s spotted a gap in the market. Wouldn’r want to fly Cubana though :-(
    – Traveller
    Mar 26 at 20:30

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