I am an Indian national and I had a 2-year UK multiple-entry visa, which expired last month.

Now I have to travel to the UK in July for an academic ceremony. I will apply for a UK visa again.

But my permesso di soggiorno is expired and the date for biometric is in 5 months. Is it possible to travel to the UK and come back to Italy with a ricevuta and an expired permesso di soggiorno?

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Is it possible to travel to Uk and come back to italy with Ricevuta and expired soggiorno

Since it is for a renewal, you can travel out of Italy

Foreigners awaiting renewal of their residence permits can leave and re-enter Italy if they hold:

  • the receipt issued by Italian Post offices (Poste Italiane S.p.A) certifying the submission of the application for renewal of their residence permit or EC residence permit for long-term residents;
  • the expired residence permit;
  • their passport or other equivalent travel document .

Note that since you don't have a valid residence permit/visa, you are not allowed to transit through Schengen and must leave/enter Schengen through Italy.

  • Thanks you. One more question, if you know about this. I will be travelling with 2 minors with me and It’s mentioned at polizia di Stato that for them a temporary permesso is required! How can I request a temporary permesso for minors? Thanks again! 🙏 Commented Mar 15 at 15:29
  • @KhushbooSharma You can go/ask your local Questura Commented Mar 15 at 21:47

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