I had US (B1/B2) visa and I wanted to set up LLC in the US to run my own start-up. I had created LLC and received my EIN through the internet. The next step is to open business account in one of the US banks. So, I intended visit the US by that visa to open my account.

I decided to fly through UK because I already had UK visa before and visited UK. It was the shortest path for me. I had to get transit visa.

Unfortunately, there was a really big delay in UK consulate (almost 9 weeks) and my US visa expired during that period. They sent me email with recommendations to withdraw my application. But I thought "what if I would get UK visa first and then get new US visa to speed up the process?" Yes, it was a mistake . But I didn't realize it in time.

So, I received the notification about refusal. There are 3 points.

• In support of your travel intentions, I have received your email confirming the change of travel dates to August 2024. Whilst I have noted the flight tickets for the initial travel planned in December 2023, there is no demonstration of purchased tickets for rescheduled visit in August 2024. Since the onus is on you to provide supporting information and documents and to demonstrate your travel intentions are genuine, I am not satisfied you are genuinely going to travel to the country of destination, the USA in the stated period.

• Furthermore, I have noted your visitor visa for the USA is due to expire on 19 January 2024. I have acknowledged your statements you intend to request a new visa for the newly proposed travel dates. However as such, I am not satisfied you are assured entry to your country of destination, the USA.

• You have stated that you are self-employed in the Game and Software Development. In support of your current personal and financial circumstances you have enclosed the supporting documents demonstrating a newly registered company in the USA, and the clarifications that you do not have any earnings yet since it is a start-up. Whilst I have noted the bank statement from the mBank in Poland on your name confirming available funds of $... (£... at the current exchange rate on www.oanda.com) , there is no further information about your current source of income, how you are supported in Poland or Belarus, and how you have accumulated demonstrated funds. As a result, I am not satisfied you have demonstrated your personal and economic circumstances in full, as a true, accurate and credible portrayal of your current situation or that they are as such that you can be relied upon to meet the requirements of entry clearance.

I was surprised about the first one because I provided flight numbers to the officer for my traveling. They are real. I also have flight tickets. I thought the oficer will ask me to provide them too(because there was a recomendation do not by flight tickets untill got a visa), but he didn't. Anyway, it is what it is.

Could somebody provide some ideas?


A few sentences from the letter I received telling about my refusal. It's said It seems I need transit visa because I am Belarus citizen(correct me if I misinterpreted it please)

REASONS FOR REFUSAL NRA v 1.0 You are a national/citizen of a country or territorial entity specified in Schedule 1 to the Immigration (Passenger Transit Visa) Order 2014 (as amended). Such persons seeking to pass through the United Kingdom on route to another country or territory without entering the United Kingdom require a transit visa.


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There are three things to do in order to fix the problems you are having - or maybe just one, depending on what you do.

First: get yourself a valid US visa for the time you want to visit. Not doing so was an elementary mistake. The UK will not issue a transit visa without knowing you are able to enter the country you are next stopping in. In fact getting a US visa may solve all your problems because owners of a valid US visa do not need a UK transit visa provided they don't have to clear UK immigration and depart within 24 hours of their arrival by a reasonable route.

If you find that for some reason you do need a transit visa then you should provide actual tickets for your journey. To get a transit visa you need to prove that you will depart within 24 hours of arrival from the same airport where you landed. A ticket is going to be the only way to do this. Quoting a flight number is not going to be enough.

Finally (if you do need a visa) you will need to provide sufficient details of your income, expenditure, and how you support yourself in your country of residence. A single statement is not sufficient. See our question here about financial statements for more details.

  • ok, thank you for the details. Actually, I need a transit visa. I naively believed that it would be enough to show my US visa and bank account with money...
    – Serp
    Commented Mar 11 at 20:50
  • Just out of interest, why do you need a transit visa if you have a US visa? Commented Mar 11 at 20:59
  • I am from Belarus. Since some moment in the past it is already need transit visa for those who are traveling to the US through UK. As far as I know...
    – Serp
    Commented Mar 11 at 21:03
  • 2
    Check this official website gov.uk/check-uk-visa. It says the Belarus citizens do not need a transit visa if they have a valid US visa. It's possible that something has changed recently, but I can't find anything that says that. Can you also please edit the question to say that you have Belarus citizenship. Commented Mar 11 at 21:36
  • Hm, probably you are right. I don't already remeber why exactly I decided to apply for this visa. But for what I see now, there are 2 concerns which would lead me to apply for the visa just in case: 1. There is sentence in the end when you get information about applying: You will not be able to transit without a visa if a Border Force officer decides you do not qualify under the immigration rules. You can apply for a transit visa before you travel if you’re unsure whether you qualify for transiting without a visa. 2. Second reason is from letter I received. I've updated my first post
    – Serp
    Commented Mar 12 at 21:03

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