I will soon be flying from UK to Spain (direct flight with Jet2). I am currently recovering after a surgery and use opioid-based prescription painkillers for pain management (codeine).

I have a hospital discharge letter listing this medication and the box with the medication has this same hospital label and my name on it. I am not planning to take everything with me, only enough for the duration of the trip plus a bit extra just in case.

From what I have seen and read, I shouldn't have any issues taking it with me to Spain (and back), but can anyone confirm please?

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It seems you have everything in order. As long as it is for a short term and every medecine is accounted for, you should be fine.

I let you this information from the Spanish consulate :

You can travel with medicines that have been prescribed by your general practitioner (GP) or specialist, provided they have been legally acquired in the United Kingdom and you carry the amount necessary for your trip (usually considered in this case the equivalent of less than three (3) months of treatment). It is advisable to travel with a letter from your doctor, a copy of the prescription and bring the medication in its original packaging. Please note that certain medications may be subject to specific authorization. For more information, review the Home Office-Drugs Licensing and Compliance Unit (DLCU) page.

In any case, review and verify the information provided by your airline. Finally, you can also consult the information provided by the Spanish Medicines Agency at the following link https://www.exteriores.gob.es/Consulados/londres/es/Informacion-servicios-consulares/Paginas/Preguntas%20frecuentes/AsistenciaSocial.aspx .


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